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Hospice Raleigh NC Provides Hope

Many people think that choosing hospice means giving up hope; however, the facts about hospice prove otherwise. Hospice Raleigh NC provides relief from suffering, promotes dignity, and provides closure for patients and families. These are just some of the benefits of hospice care Raleigh.

What is Hospice Care?

Hospice care is specialized palliative care for terminally ill patients who are nearing the end of life. A team of healthcare professionals provides the services to maximize comfort to the patient by relieving pain and other symptoms and addressing emotional, social, psychological, and spiritual needs. Hospice care also provides counseling, respite care, and practical support to help the patient's family.

Hospice care does not focus on providing a cure to the underlying health condition. Instead, it focuses on providing patients the highest quality of life possible for their remaining time.

Hospice Care Team

When your loved one chooses to receive hospice care at home, hospice staff will visit their home or other settings to provide the care and services needed. Hospices in Raleigh NC typically have a hospice care team consist of the following:

  • Doctors - The patient's primary doctor and a hospice doctor will work together to supervise care.
  • Nurses - nurses will visit the patient's home or other settings to provide care.
  • Home Health Aides - Home health aides provide assistance on daily activities, such as eating, bathing, grooming, and more.
  • Social Workers - Social workers provide counseling and support to the patient and the family. They may also give referrals to other support systems.
  • Spiritual counselors - Spiritual counselors such as chaplains, priests, or lay ministers, can provide spiritual care and guidance needed for the entire family.
  • Volunteers - Trained volunteers visit the patient to offer various services, such as respite for caregivers, companionship, assistance with transportation, and other needs.
  • Therapists - Therapists such as speech, physical and occupational, may visit the patient to provide the needed therapy.
  • Pharmacists - Pharmacists provide medication supervision and recommendations to relieve symptoms effectively.
  • Bereavement Counselors - After the death of a loved one in hospice, bereavement counselors provide support and guidance to the family.

Provided in Comfortable Environment

Hospice Raleigh NC is typically provided in hospitals and nursing homes. But it can also be provided in the patient's home or in a hospice facility where the patient feels comfortable and familiar. As hospice care prioritizes the patient's desire, they can choose a place where they feel calm, quiet, and comfortable. The patient, the family, the hospice team, and the doctor will work together to establish a care regimen that will benefit everyone.

Personalized Care and Support

Each patient has unique needs; therefore, our hospice Raleigh NC provides an array of services that match the patient's needs. We also have professionals who are on-call 24-hours to ease the family's anxiety, allowing them to rest during the visits. Our team will provide whatever the patient needs, from assistance to companionship.

Aside from addressing the patient's needs, we also provide counseling and support to the family to help them deal with the range of emotions during this difficult time.

Prioritize the Patient's Wishes

During their remaining time, patients may have wishes they want to fulfill before running out of time. By placing in hospice, the patient and families can focus on spending more time with each other and addressing physical, emotional, and spiritual pain.


Through hospice care, patients obtain a sense of relief and control. And it also helps them to live longer and make their remaining days memorable and valuable.

If you think you or your loved one will benefit from the hospice care, contact us today to know more about our hospice Raleigh NC.


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