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Alzheimer’s care Raleigh

Studies say that Alzheimer’s disease is progressive brain damage that destroys thinking skills and not preventable nor curable, although treatment is a big help to manage the symptoms. It is a common type of dementia, and the leading cause is still unknown. Lifestyle is a risk factor of having this and is prone to old age. Memory loss is the primary symptom that you might think is normal in aging. Alzheimer’s care Raleigh is rendering the best care for a patient suffering from this illness.

Risk Factors

  • AGE - Alzheimer’s disease is not a part of getting old, but as an individual nearly reaches the retirement age, the chance of development increases.
  • GENDER - According to the studies, women are more likely with the disease because they generally live longer than men.
  • HEAD TRAUMA -An individual who got severe head trauma to have a greater risk.
  • GENETICS - A family history and genetics are also risk factors for developing Alzheimer’s disease. It would be a higher possibility if your first-degree relative, your parents, and your siblings battled the disorder.
  • EXCESSIVE ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION - Alcohol can cause brain changes when drunk in large amounts. It causes an increased risk of dementia.
  • POOR SLEEP PATTERN - According to researches, the difficulty of falling asleep or experiencing poor sleep patter are also risk factors.
  • LIFESTYLES AND OTHER HEALTH ISSUES - These include lack of exercise, obesity, smoking or exposure to secondhand smoke, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high sugar level


The disease impacts physical functions like swallowing, balancing, bladder, and bowel control. These may also lead to other health complications if it persists like:

  • Flu and pneumonia due to low resistance and weaker immune system
  • Malnutrition and dehydration because of loss of control to swallow foods
  • Falls because of failed balancing
  • Fractures sometimes because of falls.
  • Bedsore due to prolonged lying

Alzheimer’s and dementia care

Taking care of a patient with Alzheimer’s and dementia is not that easy; it is much different from looking after an injured or disabled patient. Raleigh Alzheimer’s home care and Raleigh dementia home enumerated tips for effective and efficient caregivers for such cases:

  • Be flexible to reduce frustrations and adapt the routine and expectations needed.
  • Create a safe environment to promote safety. To prevent falls, install safety grabs, put side rails on beds.
  • Use locks on cabinets for alcohol, medicines, toxic liquids, and dangerous utensils.
  • Take fire safety precautions like keeping matches and lighters out of reach.
  • Focus and be alert because an individual with this disease will experience symptoms and progression at no definite time.

Choose Us

To render extraordinary and excellent service is what Alzheimer’s care Raleigh’s goal. It aims at both patient and family member’s satisfaction. We have a list of professional and trained health care providers to render the services needed. They are confident enough to take charge of the responsibilities of taking care of an Alzheimer’s patient. The care plan will depend on the case, early or mild stage, middle or moderate, and late or severe. Our caregiver’s characteristics are:

  • Good listener, dementia patient becomes agitated and anger when they are ignoring, they need much attention.
  • Have respect for the independence of the patient
  • Practice patience dementia patient needs to communicate patiently
  • Encouraging have an excellent convincing power
  • Adapt the living space to ensure safety needs and maintain comfort
  • Organized
  • Flexible


If you are looking for someone who will take care of your loved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, you already found the best. Alzheimer’s care  Raleigh offers a free assessment and can provide you the most reliable caregivers in town. Come or contact us now.


Fill out all the required fields to receive a free quote from us.